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Aftercare & FAQ's

Before you purchase a Chainsaw Carving from us we like to provide you with all the important information about Chainsaw Carvings and their aftercare.  

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Carving FAQ'S

Will my carving be treated?

Yes we will treat your carving with Danish Oil, this acts as a wood preservative and will enhace the colour of the wood, we recommend you reapply this or a simple decking oil every 3-6 months.

Will my carving crack?

It is possible that your carving may develop cracks overtime - wood is a natural material and therefore does move/change depending on its environment but there are things you can do to help lessen this such as:

Keep away from direct heat sources/direct prolonged sunlight.

Ensure your carving is oiled regularly.

Move your carving regularly to allow airflow to the base.

Will the colour change?

Yes - if left untreated it will change over time. It may become bleached by the sun and turn a silver/grey colour which some people like, if you would like to avoid this then we recommend you keep up with oiling your carving regularly. 

If treated with a UV resistant decking oil the original colour will remain.



We are always on hand to contact before you place an order or after your receive your carving should you have any questions on aftercare. We always do our best to ensure our customers are happy with their carving and have the right information to ensure the longevity of their carving! 

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